Mass Hysteria of Killer Clowns is Spreading in US and Beyond

Mass Hysteria of Killer Clowns is Spreading in US and Beyond – These “Killer Clowns” are everywhere from Social Media, Click hungry news outlets to lips of fear-mongering city officials in U.S and Beyond. Since Late August Killer Clowns have been spotted all across U.S and now in some parts of North Canada and even in U.K.

Mass Hysteria of Killer Clowns is Spreading in US and Beyond

The Epidemic of Killer Clowns first started in Greenville, South Carolina when a little boy spotted two Men dressed up as clowns who allegedly tried to lure him into the woods according to his Mother. Since then numerous rumors of Clowns Luring kids into the woods started to spread all across the country and even multiple safety warnings has been issued by the US police. tembak ikan online

While Most of the sightings are rumors, a handful of the incidents resulted in arrests; at least 7 teens arrested for making clown-related threats at local schools so far.

In Fontana a teenager was arrested; the 14-year-old suspect was identified as the “FontanaKillerClown” on social media. Who allegedly wants to scare people and gain follower on social Media.

According to BBC report Creepy Clowns Phenomenon seems to have migrated to Canada. BBC Stated – “”” Killer clown sightings have been investigated by local police in Gatineau, Quebec, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Cape Breton and Bowmanville, Ontario, Toronto, and Ottawa. More reports have spread on Twitter and Facebook.””

After the spread of Mass Hysteria of “Killer Clowns,” the unfairly maligned Professional Clowns started “Clown Lives Matter” and even Organized a March on Oct 15 where more then 100 professional Clowns will participate in Tucson, Arizona.

An elaborate hoax, Prank OR may be scary plot straight from Stephen king novel , whatever you may call it but Social Media do played a pivotal role in adding fuel to the fire.