Mass Hysteria of Killer Clowns is Spreading in US and Beyond

Mass Hysteria of Killer Clowns is Spreading in US and Beyond – These “Killer Clowns” are everywhere from Social Media, Click hungry news outlets to lips of fear-mongering city officials in U.S and Beyond. Since Late August Killer Clowns have been spotted all across U.S and now in some parts of North Canada and even in U.K.

Mass Hysteria of Killer Clowns is Spreading in US and Beyond

The Epidemic of Killer Clowns first started in Greenville, South Carolina when a little boy spotted two Men dressed up as clowns who allegedly tried to lure him into the woods according to his Mother. Since then numerous rumors of Clowns Luring kids into the woods started to spread all across the country and even multiple safety warnings has been issued by the US police. tembak ikan online

While Most of the sightings are rumors, a handful of the incidents resulted in arrests; at least 7 teens arrested for making clown-related threats at local schools so far.

In Fontana a teenager was arrested; the 14-year-old suspect was identified as the “FontanaKillerClown” on social media. Who allegedly wants to scare people and gain follower on social Media.

According to BBC report Creepy Clowns Phenomenon seems to have migrated to Canada. BBC Stated – “”” Killer clown sightings have been investigated by local police in Gatineau, Quebec, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Cape Breton and Bowmanville, Ontario, Toronto, and Ottawa. More reports have spread on Twitter and Facebook.””

After the spread of Mass Hysteria of “Killer Clowns,” the unfairly maligned Professional Clowns started “Clown Lives Matter” and even Organized a March on Oct 15 where more then 100 professional Clowns will participate in Tucson, Arizona.

An elaborate hoax, Prank OR may be scary plot straight from Stephen king novel , whatever you may call it but Social Media do played a pivotal role in adding fuel to the fire.

RK Laxman: Cartoonist Who Intrigued Millions for More then 5 Decades

RK Laxman: Cartoonist Who Intrigued Millions with his Cartoon Character ‘Common Man’ for more then five Decades!

RK Laxman: Cartoonist Who Intrigued Millions for More then 5 Decades – Although their are many famous Indian Cartoonists like K. Shankar Pillai, Abu Abraham, O.V. Vijayan who captured the Imagination of Indians, the One name which stood out is of R.K.Laxman. His minimalist and witty style of story telling intrigued and captured the Imagination of millions through his most popular Cartoon Character the “Common Man.” slot joker123

Common Man Cartoon Character by Laxman

Born on 24’th October 1921 in Mysore city, he started doodling in his school days and has keen interest in art of Caricature. He is younger brother of famous Writer R. K. Narayan, who is best known for his works set in the fictional South Indian town of Malgudi.

Caricature of former late President APJ Abdul Kalam by Laxman

RK Laxman was first married to Bharatanatyam dancer and film actress Kumari Kamala and after their divorce Laxman married children’s book writer who’s name is also Kamala (Kamala Laxman). They have a son Srinivas, who also worked with TOI for some time.

While working with India’s premier newspaper The Times of India, Laxman Created “Common Man” cartoon character in 1951; which represented hopes, aspiration and even struggle of average Indian man.

The character caught the public’s imagination as people relate with its simplicity and is probably most known cartoon character throughout India as its served with morning chai everyday on front page of Times of India for more then five decades. He was inspired by David Low, one of Britain’s greatest cartoonists who once dropped by as a surprise at RK Laxman’s office along with his wife.

Laxman once said of his Common Man, “He’s been with me throughout my career. I did not find him. He found me… I would say he symbolizes the mute millions of India, or perhaps the whole world, a silent spectator of marching time.”

Laxman jibe at Indira Gandhi sweeping poll victory

Their is one very interesting fact about Master Cartoonist; in his early life after finishing school Laxman applied to J.J School of Arts in Bombay (Mumbai) and was refused admission by dean of the school who wrote to him that his drawings lacked “the kind of talent to qualify for enrollment in our institution as a student.” Although later he was once Invited as chief guest for a Function. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Mysore.

Political satire on Modi’s Shining Gujarat

Showing Common Man’s perspective to Rajiv Gandhi Agenda of Technological Advancement of India

The Indian Master Cartoonist R.K.Laxman was recipient to numerous Awards including Padma Bhushan (third-highest civilian award) and Padma Vibhushan (second-highest civilian award) by Gov. of India. Laxman died on 26 January 2015 in Pune, But he lives in Hearts and Minds of millions of Indian through his legendary Character “”Common Man.” As a tribute to the Character statue of ‘The Common Man’ are built at Worli Sea Face, Mumbai.

A Laxman jibe at ShivSena and BJP love hate Relationship

The Top 10 Predictions for Next 50 Years by Futurists

Image courtesy : Concept by Digital Artist Alejandro Burdisio

Top 10 Predictions for Next 50 Years by Futurists – Over the centuries, futurists have been predicting events that occur far beyond their time. Nostradamus and Edgar Casey are two men who predicted many of the events the world experienced well beyond their time on Earth. Today, there are futurists who combine their gift of insight along with their familiarity of current technology and events which allows them to see what may happen in the future. Here are the top 10 predictions made by futurists which are predicted to come true in the next half-century.


In a sense this is already happening thanks to the advancement of 3D printer technology. However, it is only small scale today thanks to printers that can create items the size of a breadbox. Not long in the future, large 3D printers will be used to create massive modules to construct homes, office buildings, and all types of structures. This will revolutionize the construction industry in the next 50 years as structures are created in a similar fashion to “Lego” buildings that children create in the home. daftar joker123


The advancement of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) in today’s world is no secret as it is being used in many different applications. In ten years, it is predicted that A.I. will exceed the intelligence of humans and be embedded in places like the home, automobiles, all computing devices, and even clothing. The A.I. will become a part of everyone’s life and become second nature. The advancement of this technology will allow for smart homes, driver-less vehicles, and all types of automation at greatly reduced costs.


Image Source:


Today, AIDS is a virus that can be held in check thanks to use of drugs that have been in development for decades. However, just as polio was virtually eradicated from the planet when the cure was discovered, so too will AIDS be removed from the world. Scientists currently stand at the brink of an AIDS vaccine that will prevent the transmission of the virus. It is only a matter of time before a cure will be found and that will happen in the next 25 years according to futurists.


This is another trend that futurists have been predicting for a long time. However, the technology for holograms exists today and over the next 50 years will be refined so that when you watch a game being played on the other side of the world, it will appear to be right in front of you. Three-dimensional, realistic hologram technology will put you in the action and deliver an experience unlike any before. Obviously, holograms may also be used for movies, plays, and other events.


Custom clothing is nothing new, but the cost has made it prohibitive for many people. In the next 50 years, the fashion industry will shift from establishing a new style to creating your individual expression. People will be able to clothe themselves in the fabrics, colors, and designs of their own choosing as inexpensively as they purchase t-shirts today. This means that teens and young adults of the future will be wearing creations never seen before and reflective of their own tastes.


Image Source: Linkdin


The advent of nanotechnology means that that all types of products will be constructed at the atomic level. This means that virtually anything can be constructed from all type of materials since its very structure is altered from the level of the atom. From the molecules that make up the great amount of waste and debris in landfills may come all types of products, devices, and even edible items. The advancement of nanotechnology may change the world in ways we still do not understand.


If the concerns about global climate change turn out to be true, the result will be environmental devastation for areas of southern Europe and much of Africa. However, the warming of the Earth will also open vast amounts of currently frozen territory in Siberia where farming will thrive. Since the population is estimated to reach 9 billion by 2040, the opening of large areas in Russia for farming purposes will help supply food for the world’s population centers.


Today, the internet transmits text, images, photos, and videos around the world. However, in ten to twenty years it will be possible to send the emotions, feelings, and memories that you have around the world as well. Scientists can already hook into the brain with computers. The advancements will naturally progress for the brain to transmit outward so that people can record events as they happen with their own senses. This information can be accessed so that everyone will experience what a person sees, hears, touches, and emotes.


Image from Movie X-men


One of the greatest secrets is dark matter, the substance that makes up most of the known universe, but whose properties are still unknown. Today, scientists are only beginning to grapple with the concept of dark matter and its properties. However, thanks to advancements in technology and a growing interest to discover the substance of the material, its origin, and how it can be used will ensure that its understanding will be found in the next half-century.


Today, there is a definite separation of the virtual world from our own reality. However, in the next half century there will be a closer relationship that brings the virtual world into our own. For example, games that are currently played will become more interactive, cooperative, and used to solve real-world problems from the large to the small scale. As the interaction becomes closer, more people will be able to work out their issues in the virtual world and have it apply to their everyday lives.



While it remains to be seen if their predictions will come true, what can be said is that many people are gifted with insights into future events. By paying heed to their predictions today, we can be better prepared for the events that may happen tomorrow.

Greatest Female Vocalists of the Past 10 Years

Greatest Female Vocalists of the Past 10 Years

Greatest Female Vocalists of the Past 10 Years – Ranker List of Greatest Female Vocalists of the Past 10 Years. List Criteria: Female vocalists who have been active since the 2000s and released their debut album after 2005.

The greatest female vocalists of the 2000s from all over the globe duke it out to see who has the best voice. While every artist on the list has had a great deal of success and many of whom very popular, these international vocalists were chosen for their versatility, emotion, vocal range, power and mastery in pop, rock, r&b;, and country music. This list includes the likes of Adele, Florence Welch, Pink, and Lady Gaga. There is also another special criteria–all of these women have less than 20 years of musical experience, which means this disqualifies artists like Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Mary J. Blige, etc. Fans have the power to vote on who which female artist has the best voice in music of the new millennium. joker388