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Why Iím Betting on You to Help Shape the New American Economy!!!
Youíre part of the first generation to grow up in the digital age. Some of you grew up with cell phones tucked into your book bags, while others can remember the early days of landline, dial-up internet. Youíve gone from renting movies on VHS tapes to purchasing and downloading them in a matter of minutes.

Today, more of you are earning college degrees than ever before ó and more young people from low-income families are getting a shot at higher education than previous generations. Along with having higher education levels, youíve got a lower gender pay gap than other generations ó and weíre working to close it even further. Take all those things together, and itís no surprise that entrepreneurship is in your DNA. One survey found that more than half of Millennials expressed interest in starting (or have already started) their own business.
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