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Countries are at War now and why!

War is defined in laymen terms as the organized conflict between two groups of people. War brings out the cruel nature of man out. Over the ages War has brought down many humans and have established a doom upon human race and its culture. Wars have been the destructive forces to demolish great architectural wonders and cultural heritages of various sects of humans. Wars also brings the hike in the prices of essential commodities. Wars have been waged on others based on various reasons and the main reason for war has always been the “Greedy” nature of humans. Most Wars have been for the soil and the ego of political leaders. Even today wars are being waged and the ultimate people who are affected are the poor people who can’t afford the global price hike of essential commodities.

Gaza–Israel conflict
In this conflict, Gaza territory has been the objective of the conflict between the Hamas and Israel. Gaza is in the region of Palestine and bordered by the Mediterranean Sea that also borders Egypt on the southwest and Israel on the east and north. Gaza has been ruled by Great Britain (1918–48), Egypt (1948–67) and Israel (1967–94). In 1994, Israel permitted Gaza the right to form Self-Governance through Palestinian Authorities. Since then, Hamas (an integral part of Palestine Government) has formed the government in Gaza. The regular rocket attacks on Israel by Palestine and the blocking of Gaza by Israel have been the main reasons for the conflict which has confiscated lives of thousands of innocent lives.

Syrian Civil War
Syria has always been known for its heritage and traditions ranging from the crusader castles to the elegant Umayyad Mosque, which was and still is the architectural masterpiece. Damascus is itself hailed as one of the oldest capitals in the world. Such a traditional country was at peace until recently where it was doomed by the civil war. Syria consists of two major religious sects as its citizens. The Syrian people hailed their existence along with the brotherhood feel between the Christian and Muslim sects. This was the reason for the peaceful co-existence of the citizens of Syria. All these peace and serene environment of Syria was obstructed by its leader Hafez Assad and his descendants by using Mukhabarat.
Chris White


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