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Turkey's Favorite Cat Immortalized with Bronze Statue


Image credits: @anadolukedisi / Facebook

No its not a picture of a Random CAT we posted here as a Clickbait, in hopes of getting Viral, But infect the story do begins when Images of Tombili the Cat - in super chilled position has shared all over the Internet.

Tombili used to chill out on the Sidewalk in her famous pose for hours, watching the world passing by. He recently passed away in Month of August.

Image credits: @anadolukedisi / Facebook

According to local media, a petition having more than 16,000 signatures were filled with local body calling on the city to build a statue so his memory could live on in the place where he brought so many smiles.

Image credits: @anadolukedisi / Facebook

A Bronze sculpture of him in his iconic pose was placed at the same spot, on October 4. Hope Tombili lives on in the Hearts and Mind of people in Turkey as well as rest of the world.

The opening ceremony took place on October 4th at 13:00 Hour

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