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ROME A Travelers Guide to the Beautiful City


vittorio emanuele monument, Rome [Image: Pixabay]

Ever thought or planned for spending summer vacations or Honeymoon at really cool and attractive places of the world, I guess you did, right? But surely if someone flicks through travel guide websites or Travel buckets, no one can simply exclude the most wonderful and beautiful city of Italy. Yes itís the Capital and the largest city of Italy, Rome.

Rome: the center of power, culture and religion is the capital and the largest city of Italy. The most prominent and renowned city famous for the Roman Empire, the seven hills and the Vatican City. Rome had been the center of power, culture having the largest and the greatest civilization of the globe ever and its religion aspects make it the most influenced and attractive point of interest in the world. With several wonderful places including millennium old churches, sumptuous memorials and monuments, ostentatious statues, romantic ruins and sophisticated fountains, Rome had been the Worlds most visited, renowned, prestigious and beautiful capital due to its eminently prosperous historical heritage and sophisticated atmosphere. The flourishing nightlife and worlds best shopping centers allure the Travelers and visitors all over the world to visit the most prospering and traditional culture and lifestyle of Rome.

Places to Visit, Things to do and other aspects:
When it comes to visit Rome, itís probably the most difficult decision to choose what places to go since each and every place has its own prestige and monumental importance. For this purpose, the most efficient way is to plan and enlist all the interesting spots we want to visit. Itíll save our time and money as well. Visitors may also opt for private guide tours and TramBus systems that takes to the beautiful and captivating places all around the Rome.

Itís up to visitor which place they visit however there are some undeniable places that one should never miss. The coliseum or the Flavian Amphitheatre, an elliptical amphitheater situated at the center of the city is the most popular and renowned structure to visit due to its ideal structural views and the historical construction which took place in between 70-8- AD. This Amphitheatre is considered as one of the greatest architectural and engineering work.

After Coliseum, there comes The Roman Forum due to its memorable historic values since it was the civic center at the time of Roman Empire I.e. old age Rome. The pantheon, another artwork of engineering and architectural structural was built around 125 AD, however is still intact and flawless. The building is the center of the great Roman civilization. Visitors may learn various interesting things like woodwork, clothing etc.

The Vatican that contains the history of Catholic Church is another most visited point of interest. Visitors may find there a huge collection of paintings, statues, sculptress and much more. Cafes and Restaurants, food places, cuisines and other amusement places that can be found almost everywhere in the Rome. These places serve the visitors with the traditional and delicious Italian foods. Also shopping streets, museums, parks and Gardens, palaces, squares and fountains, districts of Rome and other monumental places are the best option to visit however to make a successful journey, visitors are advices to hire private guides who organize the tours.

St. Peters Square, Rome [image: Pixabay]

Rome, being the most popular destination for tourists all over the world make it unsafe sometimes due to pickpocketers and snatchers- Especially in the crowded places. A 2010 study about pickpocketing in Rome reveals that it comes second after Barcelona for pickpocketing of tourists. Therefore visitors are strictly advised not to carry anything costly and expansive in their pockets or purses. By keeping wallets in the front pockets, limited cash and money belts may help the visitors to keep them safe from the pickpocketers.

Hotel reservations and Stay:
When it comes to Rome, visitors find a great deal for staying and making hotel reservations since there are several beautiful hotels that offer the visitors great alternatives and choices to make their stay wonderful and prolonged. Visitors may book private rooms and apartments at low cost rental. There are tons of thousands of other alternatives for staying and visiting purposes, where the users may find whatever sort of accommodation they want.

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