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10 Hottest Startups in Silicon Valley 2015


Silicon Valley is unstoppable. There’s no shortage when it comes to their impressive and innovative Ideas. But what do you think is the coolest among them? Here is our list of 10 hottest startups in the city, so far. All startups that will be mentioned in here are private tech companies that are proud to come up with their state-of-the-art startups.

DoorDash. Founded by Tony Xu, Andy Fang, Evan Moore and Stanley Tang, this startup delivers food coming from restaurants in the locality. It has raised $40 million last March 2015 from a funding led by Byers and Kleiner Perkins Caufield. What sets this meal delivery service apart from others is that it has its respective drivers making it possible to request for meal from local restaurants which are not available on places, such as GrubHub.

Docker. Solomon Hykes is the man behind Docker. Docker is one of the most talked about things over the web, for a good reason. As open-source software, this gives developers the tools to create and dispense applications so that they can work on several platforms. This Startup has raised $150 million from a 3 cycle of funding with investors Greylock Partners, AME Cloud Ventures, LightSpeed Venture Partners, and Insightful Venture Partners. Their technology is modernizing how companies see and create apps, and firms like eBay and Yelp are adopting it.

Sprig. Founded by Neeraj Berry, Matt Kent, Morgan Springer, and Gagan Biyani, Sprig has the mission to become the simplest avenue to eat healthy in this world. Their head chef Nate Keller spearheads a staff that prepares and delivers fresh and on-demand food. They offer 3 meal options a day and aims to deliver food in as fast as 15 minutes. It has raised $45 million last April 2015.

Luxe. Founded by Curtis Lee and Craig Martin, Luxe is an app that works through taking the hassle out of parking. This is facilitated through calling someone to park your vehicle for you in just a single click. It raised $20 million last February 2015 in a round of Series A funding.

Robinhood. Founded by Vlad Tenev and Baiju Bhatt, Robinhood is a mobile-brokerage application which makes it possible for you to invest not only in Wall Streeters. What makes this app different from other investment apps like Schwab and E-Trade is that that this is free to use. It is now available to everyone. It raised $50 million last May in a round of funding piloted by NEA. Past investors of the app include celebrities like Jared Leto and Snoop Doog.

Munchery. Founded by Conrad Chu and Tri Tan, the mission of the company is to deliver meals made by their own chefs. It works like Seamless, expect for the fact that food in here are made by their in-house chefs, not outsourced from other restaurants. For every meal ordered in the company, this has an equivalent donation to a chosen charity within the town. Last April, Munchery raised about $28 million in a round if Series B funding. But at the end of May, it was able to raise $85 million on a Series C funding piloted by Sherpa Ventures and Menlo Ventures. All in all, Munchery was able to raise a total of $117.2 million, which includes contributions from big names on the entertainment industry like Edward Norton and Jared Leto.

August. Founded by designer Yves Behar (who is remarkable for designing the Jawbone UP fitness band) and Jason Johnson, August is an app which has the goal to make the house key outdated. Through utilizing a lock, alongside Bluetooth and app, August has the capacity to unlock a home and produce momentary keys which would permit cleaners, houseguests, or plumbers inside the home at designated hours. It has raised $38 million in a funding round spearheaded by Bessemer Venture Partners.

Campus Jobs. Founded by JJ Fliegelman and Liz Wessel, this is a marketplace meant for college students who are looking for jobs and internships. Around ninety percent of jobs available here are paid. Last May, it was able to raise $10.3 million.

The League. Amanda Bradford is the CEO and founder of The League. It has raised $2.1 million in a round of seed funding this year. It works as a matchmaker to the most ambitious and successful singles. According to Bradford, she likes to make power couples through the app.

Illumio. Founded by PJ Kirner, Alan Stokol, and Andrew Rubin, Illumio is a startup which was able to raise $42.5 million from successful investors like Yahoo and Salesforce. Illumio is an adaptive security platform designed for the cloud.

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