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7 Most Useful Tech Products for Blind and Visually Impaired Persons


There are plenty of tech products for blind and visually impaired individual that are created to help them to make their lives better. As with all technology, the list of these products is growing. Here are the 7 most useful tech products created for blind and visually impaired people.

1. Braille Displays – Braille displays are tech products designed to provide the user with tactile output of data presented on a computer monitor. Braille letters can be read by the visually impaired person using his/her fingers. After a line is read, it refreshes the display to read another line.

2. Screen Readers – Screen readers are basically programs that allow visually impaired people to read text displayed on a monitor of a computer with the use of Braille display or synthesizer. A basic screen reader is the interface between the operating system of the computer, its application, and the user. Screen readers are currently available in PCs running in Mac, Linux, Windows, and iOS and Android devices.

3. Braille Notetakers – Braille notetakers allow the blind person to capture notes or nay material and then move them to a computer. Braille notetakers utilize the refreshable Braille technology. These days, there are Braille notetakers that replace the conventional keyboard.

4. FingerReaderFingerreader help blind people to access information from a computer by scanning the text and read it aloud. It is a tool both for visually impaired people that require help with accessing printed text, as well as an aid for language translation.

5. Braille Printers – Braille printers also referred to as embossers are tech products that transfer text generated by a computer into Braille output which is embossed. Embossers utilize Braille technology that translates programs convert letters generated or scanned in a standard word application into Braille. This information can be printed and raised to Braille to aid visually impaired people.

6. Screen Magnifiers – As the name suggests, these products work just like the standard magnifier, enlarging a portion of the screen so that the user can focus on it. Screen magnifiers increase the legibility of the material. There are screen enlargers than use software or hardware to allow users to zoom in or to zoom out the specific portion of the screen.

7. Book Readers – Many people use PC assistance programs for reading or a dedicated device for reading text on a computer monitor. Blind or visually impaired people may have to print the material scanned and read aloud by synthesizers or text-to-speech application on a computer. Nowadays, books are widely available in digital formats from various for-profit and nonprofit organizations.

These tech products for blind and visually impaired people are widely available in the market nowadays. Their names and features may vary depending on the manufacturer, but they all have the same function, and that is to assist the visually impaired individuals. In addition, you can buy assistive technology products that work with Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and even Android and IOS smartphones. These products are made by private, independent assistive technology companies that compete with one another, so you can expect to find these tech products offered at competitive prices.

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