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Top 15 Safety Tips for Traveling Abroad


When Traveling, some things are out of your control, but there are many steps you can take to stay safe and keep your trip on the right path. Whether there is a risk to be robbed, to lose your money, or forget important documents, here are some safety tips that if you'll take into consideration, you will have a risk-free journey.

- If you are going to fly, reach the airport at least 90 minutes before a domestic flight and two to three hours before an international flight. Be aware of any travel alert or warning from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

- Bring copies of important documents, including passport and medical prescriptions so will be easier to replace them if these are lost. You can also scan these and send to your email address.

- Keep the prescription medications in their original packaging. Otherwise, may be confiscated at the airport.

- Be sure that before leaving, you made the health insurance, which will cover all the possible unfortunate accidents.

- To prevent the spread of diseases, some countries require travelers to have certain vaccines made ​​and the necessary documents to prove this fact. Therefore, ask your family doctor or travel agency if youíll need such vaccines to visit that country. Even if they may not be strictly required, you should do some vaccines especially if traveling to countries where there are still cases of malaria, meningitis or yellow fever. You need to know these aspects relating to the area where you want to go, so you can avoid the disease commonly found there.

- Use luggage labels and cover them. Complete your office address rather than your home address. Is better not to write on your luggage label your personal address, to avoid the risk that malicious people may retain your details.

- When you are traveling with children, bring a recent photo of each child and also store some photos on your cell phone. The child may lose, either at the airport or elsewhere and it is good to have his picture, so to be easily identified.

- Leave valuable items, such as expensive jewellery or watches, at home. No need to attract attention. They can be stolen or if the thieves do not have scruples, even your life may be in danger.

- Keep your money, credit cards and passport in a safe place, but never all together. Money must be placed in several places and documents in others, so you avoid losing them all. Also, be discreet and do not expose large amounts of money in public.

- Be careful with the pickpockets. These works often in teams; one or more people will distract you, while another will steal your valuable items.

- Familiarize yourself with the laws governing the country or region where you are. Is necessary to have knowledge of the rules that you have to follow and especially to know what it's not good to do.

- If you do not speak the local language, learn a few key phrases, in case you will need assistance. Not in all countries, English is spoken quite commonly.

- Do not go into unfamiliar areas at night, do not accept rides in unmarked taxis and do not accept packages with unknown content.

- Always have in your bag, an adapter plug, as the outlets differ from country to country and a multi- adapter will be extremely useful, especially if you want to recharge more gadgets at once.

- Adapting to the new time zone may create you serious problems. Your body needs at least one day of rest to adjust to a radical change of time zone. Take care of yourself and donít go on trips immediately, wait to relax and get used. Avoid driving or doing other activities that require concentration, because the reaction time is increased and the senses are slowed. If you are skipping meals and sleep, your immune system will be affected and you will be more vulnerable to bacteria and infections.

No matter how much you read about safety trips, is essential to make a deep and complex research on your own, about the country you will visit. Remember always that because of ignorance of the laws in force of the visited country, you may have serious problems. Knowing all aspects and laws, as well as travel warnings, you will be able to enjoy a beautiful and safe journey.

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