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5 Noteworthy Kickstarter Technology Projects for Month - Sep14


(Images: Kickstarter)

Kickstarter is a fascinating site. It's an idea that marks the genius of the human brain. To think of the inventions that may have benefited humankind over the years that got shunned due to lack of funding is frightening. But whatever happened in the past, technology has aimed to right those wrongs. Kickstarter allows anybody with an invention and a prototype the chance to pitch for funding and make their dream a reality.

Are any good enough? Well here are 5 of the most popular Kickstarters in the technology field this month.

The Projects

This month sees some interesting new projects grace the Kickstarter website. As always, despite the large amount of competition competing for funds, several projects manage to stand out from the crowd.

The Matchstick streaming stick comes high up on the list of popular projects. With 12,000 pledges so far, the project has already exceeded its $100,00 goal.The N2 Writing pen is another which appears to be popular. With a modest goal of just $20,000, the project has already smashed that total and then some, raising 700% more than desired.

For those who hate logging in to their phone, yet love security, the SALT keyless phone entry device could be just the ticket. With 6 days left until completion, the project is moving from strength to strength and proving a real crowd pleaser. Useful, yet cheap gadgets always seem to do well on Kickstarter. Who can resist the allure of a cheap product that will get plenty of use? At number 4 in the list is the Lightman, a portable light for men.

Topping off the list at number 5 is the Mota SmartRing, keeping connectivity at your fingertips at all times.

Projects Features

Every technology Kickstarter project aims to make life that little bit easier. Whether it's through improved quality or more convenience. The Matchstick Streaming Stick is the World's first HDMI memory stick using the Firefox OS. It offers the chance for owners to watch movies, stream music and play games in HD quality wherever they are in the world. The hardware differs from that seen on other sticks on the market, making the Matchstick an attractive investment for fans of the Firefox hardware.

In a bid to make life easier for smartphone and tablet users, the guys behind the N2 Writing Pen have tried to solve a long-term problem: switching from real pens to smartphone pens and visa versa. The N2 Writing Pen is an ink pen, capable of writing on paper, yet with touchscreen compatibility too. It effortlessly switches between the two, making you feel somewhat smug as you watch others struggle with two pens.

While on the subject of smartphones, that brings us to the next popular Kickstarter project this month, the SALT keyless login device. The idea behind the gadget is simple: keep the SALT card in your pocket, and whenever you're near your phone, it unlocks. The card also has a feature that means your phone locks again whenever you walk away from it. Understandably the project is proving incredibly popular, as demonstrated by the sales figures mentioned in the paragraph above.

It's not often that you need a pocket light. But when you do need one, it's great to have one handy. The Lightman is the most versatile illumination gadget on the market, and provides a strong, long lasting beam that can light up any room. It clips on to the side of your jeans, and is a complete design of the way the classic flashlight should be, according to its creators. That must be why such a simple gadget is among the month's big boys. Never be in the dark again with one clipped to your pants. Literally.

Last, but not least, we have the Mota SmartRing. This ring alerts you to texts, emails, tweets and messages. Its mini display lets you read your latest communication, while being comfortable, endurable and stylish to boot.

Another great month

Like virtually every month on the crowd-funding site, this one has its selection of tech-gadgets that have leave everybody wanting. From DIY lovers, to those on the move, there's something for everybody.
If you've been interested in any of the projects mentioned on this list, check them out by following the links below. It's still not too late to invest if you wish to, meaning there's still time to land yourself a product that will make your life simpler and cause you to be the envy of your tech-loving friends.

Project Links:

Matchstick: more info on Matchstick
N2 Pen: more info on N2 Pen
SALT Card: more info on SALT Card
Lightman: more info on Lightman
Mota SmartRing: more info on Mota SmartRing

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