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Top 13 Travel Tips for Backpackers


Backpacking is an amalgam of feelings, connections and concepts covered in an amazing mix of multiculturalism, being the path to self-knowledge. You donít need a lot of money or complex plans, all you need is the adventurous spirit and not to focus on the Travel destination itself, but the way to it! In the following are some tips for backpackers, especially created for you, to be equipped with everything you need so you can enjoy your next horizons.

Pack smart - You need comfort, so you would not like to stick with a backpack full of useless stuff. Try to think at your needs and to pack and arrange clothes and objects in such a way as to be handy and occupy as little space.

Backpack packaging ideas - Heavy objects are placed as close to the body, on shoulder aria; Medium weight items are placed just below the heavy ones and Light objects are put outwards at the bottom of the backpack.

Sleep modest - Whether you choose a hostel or staying at a host (try CouchSurfing), or go to a place and work to have accommodation ensured, you will always find cheap accommodation in good condition.

Visit Smart - Stay out to visit which attracts tourists like ants. Those places are expensive and often are so popular because of their advertising. There are special places of extraordinary beauty where only you, as a backpacker, can have access, because you like adventure!

Give up the comfort - Well, you must be completely sure if you go on the road. This is a very serious thing and if you're the type who cannot be detach from daily routine and comfort, then you're not ready to be a true backpacker.

To have high dose of insanity & to have a strong psychic - As you go on a trip like this, just backpacking, a thousand of dreams and feelings, you need a dose of insanity. You assume everything that can happen, maybe unfavorable weather conditions, precarious accommodation, long journey, mosquito bites and more.

To have the medical kit and health insurance - Recommended is to have medicines and sunscreen lotion, patches, cream against stings.

It is essential to have extremely useful objects - such as compass, GPS, map, ID, cell phone, multifunction knife and a flashlight.

Do not put money, documents and bank cards in one place - It's good to have money in several places and documents/cards in another spots. In case of robbery, you still got some money.

Ear headphones, neck pillow, sunglasses, a sarong and hygiene items - All will be extremely useful!

Get an apparently modest luggage but good quality and practical, which did not stands out because of its color or brand - Would be ok to have somehow your bag secured with an automatically lock.

Meet people - Discuss with them, make friends and keep in touch. Nothing is more special to make friends around the world and to share experiences.

Make lots of photos and write on a notebook the places you've been - You never know how you combine your trips with a travel website where you will share your experiences to other travel enthusiasts.
Backpacking around the world is an exciting experience that gives you great satisfaction. Yet, is not for everyone, but for those who want to discover, feel and hit the road without worrying how it will be and what they will do. Backpacking is a deep feeling of an adventurous spirit.

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