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Coolest Cooler Ė Becomes the Coolest Kickstarter Campaign Ever


For those of you who donít know what the Coolest Cooler is,.. It is the most revolutionary innovation in the picnic and outdoor party industry. This amazing product has many features and allows you prepare drinks, cocktails or any sort of refreshments on the go. This project by Ryan Grepper of Portland, OR is now one of the most funded projects on Kickstarter. Grepper has designed something so special combined with some Extra-ordinary features that it beats everything else.

Now available in three colors, the Coolest has more than one feature when it comes to being outdoorsy. The sturdy material and the rectangle shape make it easy to fit this cooler anywhere. You can travel with it, without causing any damage to the cooler itself. The cooler comes with wide beach tires and extra gear can be tied down on the top of it, so while you carry your Coolest, you can carry lots of other things too. This rechargeable battery cooler comes with an ice crusher and blender so you can whip up drinks and smoothies on the go! With inclusive space for dishes and utensils, this is the only thing you need for an affable outing experience. There are many other features to this cooler like an LED light in the lid so you can see better inside, a water proof blue tooth speaker and Wi-Fi! Yes, you heard me right, the coolest comes with a built in Wi-Fi router. Also including a bottle opener and divided compartments for extensive storage, this revolutionary product is just what you need to make the best of your outdoor activities.

This project has raised more than 13.2 Million on Kickstarter since its launch. Beating many other famous campaigns on Kickstarter, like the pebble campaign. This Coolest Cooler has become one of the most funded projects on Kickstarter till date. With more than 64 thousand backers and $13 million funds, this project has now become the leading project on the site.

The Coolest one unique Gadget which is suitable for all outdoor activities! Be it afternoons out at the beach or picnics in the park, sip on cold drinks and enjoy your food without it getting cold and soggy due to specially designed designated compartments. Be it camping in the woods, the Coolest has and LED light that will make it easy for you to browse around through your favorite drinks even at night. Suitable for all outdoor activities, this sturdy cooler is your one stop shop to a great experience.

The main oomph factor of this cooler is that it has everything you need; it is not just a picnic basket. The Coolest has taken picnic to another level with a built in Wi-Fi hub, wireless speakers that are completely waterproof, a USB mobile device charger and built in blender. These features add another magnitude to the idea of a simple picnic container.

This product is an all encompassing variable to the mainstream picnic coolers and food containers. Forget about those unrefined and miserable drink containers and picnic gear, you have this revolutionary product at hand. So to get yourself the complete kit and merchandise in affable prices, go to now and get yourself what everyone is talking about!

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