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Kepler - Protect your Home from Dangerous Gas Leaks


When you own a house, one of the most important things is to keep your home safe from any kind of trouble. These can come from the outside, in the form of thieves, or from the inside of your house, such as broken pipes or gas leaks. If you donít handle them fast and properly, you will have to deal with lots of damage to your home which implies a lot of extra costs. Itís very important to always have a way to detect gas in your home, and thanks to some ingenious inventors, now you can easily do that with the help of the Kepler device.

Kepler was designed as a carbon monoxide and gas detection tool that also brings numerous other features which allow you to integrate it seamlessly in your day to day practices.
The device is one of those gadgets that you really need in your life, mainly because it constantly tracks the gas and CO levels in your home, alerting you immediately if there are any gas leaks. This is very useful gadget for people that live alone or which have a family and want to keep it safe.

One of the major features that come in mind when talking about Kepler is definitely the fact that itís working non-stop without any human interaction. Its powerful detection sensors will immediately find out if there is a gas leak and alert you immediately.
Speaking of that, the alerting system is really powerful, as the device sounds an alarm and it flashes lights constantly, alerting people that they are in danger.

Kepler also brings an interesting technology in the form of a dedicated smartphone app which is connected with the device at all times, so you will immediately know the gas and COD concentration in your home simply by accessing your phone.
Additionally, Kepler is one of those unique gadgets that always amaze you. Alongside the wonderful alerting and monitoring features, it also comes with a timer. Since the device will most of the time be placed in the kitchen, Kepler provides a timer so you know exactly how much time you need to leave your food on the stove. The best part here is that the timer can actually be programmed from the smartphone, which is very interesting.

This device comes with a very portable design so you can literally transport and use it anywhere you want without a problem. Its powerful sensors will always detect gas leaks so you can use it in those places with suspected gas leaks as well. Itís important to say that Kepler comes in multiple colors, which is really nice indeed.

Kepler can be used by anyone that wants to add a further layer of protection to their home, but also by people that want to detect any problems with gas leaks in their house. Itís also suitable for professionals as well.

To sum up, Kepler is a wonderful product that integrates cutting edge technologies into a device with a pleasant design whose main purpose is to protect your home. It looks and works great, while also allowing you to use it as a timer in your kitchen. This is a great product for people who need protection against gas or CO2 leaks, so if you are one of them we recommend that you give it a try. Itís inexpensive but the benefits you gain from using it are well worth the cost!
Kepler on Kickstarter

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