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Xiaomi Mi 4 Review - First Look


A lot of new and interesting smartphones are entering the market, trying to compete with giants such as Apple or Samsung. The latest smartphone from Xiaomi, named Mi 4 is a flagship product that brings a powerful processor, a lot of memory and a great camera into a device thatís very easy to use. The phone also comes with a lower price that the competition, of around $320 for the 16 GB model and $400 for the 64 GB model, which is indeed a steal.

The phoneís design is very similar to the one provided by Apple. It has stainless steel on the sides and the front/back panels are made out of plastic. However, the plastic canít be chipped that easily because the stainless steel seamlessly integrates with it in order to provide a unique, durable and compact phone.

Xiaomi Mi 4 comes with a Snapdragon 801 processor with 2.5 Ghz, so it can handle literally any type of application you want. In addition to this, it comes with 3 GB of RAM as well as 16/64 storage space, depending on your needs. The only downside for the device is that it doesnít have any expansion slots, such as one for a Micro SD card. Additionally, the battery canít be removed from the phone, but it does last for around 1-2 days, depending on how intensely you are using Mi 4.
Moreover, Mi 4ís display has 5 inch and itís full HD. Colors on it look lively and really showcase the amazing power of the device. As expected, the device comes with all the connectivity options that you might expect from such a device that includes Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

This smartphone comes with Android KitKat (4.4) installed but the OS has been slightly modified so it has a more iOS appeal rather than looking like an Android phone. An important thing to specify here is that you can use themes in order to enhance how your phone looks, which is indeed quite impressive. There are lots of paid and free themes that you can grab and install at your own pace. On the downside, the device lacks some Google services, the most important one thatís missing here is the Play Store.

Mi 4 brings a great, easy to use camera that allows you to control it manually, pretty much like a professional one. Of course, you can always choose to go with the automatic mode if youíre not an avid photo taker.
The device provides a good call quality and the speakers perform really well, so you wonít have a problem hearing what the other person is saying or hearing when the phone is ringing.

Target Market
The target market for the Mi 4 is especially Asia, as the phone was first released in China and then it will be available on other regions as well, such as Singapore, India, Taiwan, Philippines among others.

As expected, Mi 4ís main competitors are the top of the line smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S5, Appleís iPhone 5 and the Sony Xperia Z2 besides, OnePlus One which is almost in same range. Unlike these devices accept OnePlus One , the Mi 4 is cheaper and it comes with a customizable operating system that might appeal to a lot of users.

In conclusion, Mi 4 is a powerful Android based device that brings its own twist on the OS and provides you with all the necessary performance to run the latest apps. It has a large screen, a powerful camera and a good battery life. Despite being limited to a few markets, the device is well worth your time and money!

The device has a powerful camera that allows you to take crystal clear photos.
Lower price than any other competitors
Customizable operating system
Powerful processor

Non-removable battery
Xiaomi Mi4 lacks NFC
Lacks expansion slots
Available only in certain region and aftermarket services


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