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10 Quirky Gadgets which makes your Life easier

From Bluetooth padLock to High-tech Coolest cooler, these are some of the Real cool and Quirky Gadgets which will make your Life easier. So before you go out to shop for another Gadget, please have a look at these Quirky items.

#1 DataLocker Encrypted Storage Device


#2 Noke - World's First Bluetooth Padlock


#3 Coolest - a high-tech cooler which features usb charger, bluetooth speakers and more


#4 Flyshark - Wireless keyboard for your smart devices


#5 Pivot Power - flexible surge-protecting power strip

Pivot Power

#6 LightFreq - Bluetooth Lightblub With a built in HD speaker


#7 Kepler - intelligent gas and carbon monoxide (CO) detector


#8 Philips Wake-Up Light & Alarm Clock

Philips Wake-Up

#9 IPEGA PG-9021 Classic Bluetooth Gamepad for Smartphones

Gamepad for Smartphones

#10 Recoil - Automatic Cord Winder


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