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Sharp's Aquos Crystal - First Look


Sprint will soon be releasing a new weapon in the war of the smartphones, taking aim at competitors such as AT&T and Verizon with Sharpís Aquos Crystal Smartphone.

Coming to Japan on August 29 and then the United States at a later date, the smartphone is revolutionary with its border-less display as almost no bezel surrounds the five inch edge-to-edge screen. It will also fall into the price range of $239 without a contract. Optional plans will also be available, including Sprintís Easy Pay plan with a set price of $10 per month or $149 on Sprintís prepaid Boost or Virgin brands.

The smartphone is unique in looks, appearing futuristic with an almost frameless screen that will appeal to younger consumers, particularly between the ages of fifteen and thirty-five, and it will also attract the interest of technology-oriented consumers, making the target audience young consumers, especially with disposable incomes as a result of living with parents and technology-savvy older adults that are looking for new, market-trending products that will revolutionize the look and feel of the smartphone.

While the look is something unique to current smartphones in the marketplace, the feel of the Aquos Crystal is also different. That is because the back of the Sharp smartphone is composed of a matte plastic with dimples that provide a textured grip. What this means is that the phone will be less likely to slip from the consumerís hand, which is something highly sought after considering the fact that most phone drops result in the back cover sliding free and the battery dislodging itself. The back of the Aquos Crystal is also designed for those consumers who like choices as the plastic will be available in four different colors: black, white, pink and blue. Also, at 4.9 ounces, the smartphone is not only attractive, but it is relatively light.

Other bells and whistles featured on the Aquos Crystal include Sprintís extravagant features of Wi-Fi calling, HD voice, Harmon Kardon audio enhancements, and support for the Spark LTE network. The phone is also set to come with Sprintís App Subscription Service, allowing its customers unlimited access to a large collection of premium apps and games for $4.99 per month.

Several extremely interesting facts about the phone that make it revolutionary include the fact that there is no cutout earpiece. This is because the phone uses the front panel to generate sound, so you can hold the screen near your ear to hear a phone call. Also, the light sensor and camera lens are located on the bottom front and back of the phone.

Looking at every aspect of the Aquos Crystal, the phone should appeal greatly to those who appreciate new and innovative products. The phone is very budget friendly and looks like something a time traveler from the future may have accidentally dropped out of his/her pocket with its border-less display. Sharp has not come out with a new phone in the U.S. marketplace for years, and is more widely known for its televisions. Imagine the screen of the Aquos Crystal, composed of an economically sound acrylic plastic, and visualize what a company popular for creating TV sets can do with a smartphone. Whoever owns this phone is going to be a trend setter. There is no question that other people will want their own Aquos Crystal when they see the sleek design Sharp has created.

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