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LightFreq - Much More Than A LightBulb


LightFreq - Bluetooth Lightblub With a built in HD speaker

We live in the Information Age, where computers are commonplace devices in peoples' homes, the Internet is a host to the largest stockpile of knowledge ever known to mankind, and the face of everything electronic is constantly changing. Take, for instance, the light bulb: the earliest concept of the light bulb traces back all the way to 1879, when Thomas Edison created the first light bulb, capable of 40 hours of use. Today, not only are light bulbs cheap and easy to make, and found in every home you visit, but new takes on the age-old technology has given us "smart bulbs", with capabilities such as dimming, changing color, and operating on a timer, all by controlling the light with a smartphone app.

While these new "smart bulbs" may be all the rage for tech junkies with a knack for home decor, they seem to be missing something. Instead of just providing light, why not provide sound as well? This is what LightFreq Inc has envisioned, and as such, is looking to capitalize on such an innovative idea.

The product, dubbed LightFreq, is a smart, multicolor LED light bulb with Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity that has a built-in HD audio speaker, and puts a new twist on smart bulb technology. With the built-in speaker, users are not only able to listen to music through the bulb, but can receive visual and audible notifications from their smartphone. It can even set the light to match the mood of the music, as the LightFreq automatically chooses the colors of the lights, and how fast the colors change, based on the genre of music.

For skeptics of the sound quality of the LightFreq, rest assured that these little bulbs pack a punch in the sound department. It uses acoustic suspension, utilizing the air trapped inside the device, to provide a linear restoring force for the woofer's diaphragm, which means cleaner and deeper bass. The mid and high tones are balanced with an EQ, and help unify all of this sound for crisp tones, from something the size of a CFL light bulb.

Other features of these smart bulbs include the ability to be used as alarms, with which users can set music, light, or both to turn on when the alarm goes off, and as an intercom via the phone app and LightFreq bulb, which nullifies the need to shout for someone in a different room. However, the most enticing features seem to be the Proximity and Audio Follow Me features.

The Proximity feature has two states: on and off. When it is on, the app detects when you leave one room and enter another. It then turns off and on the corresponding lights, meaning you'll never be stuck walking through a dark room, or forget to turn the lights off again. The Audio Follow Me feature acts similar to the Proximity feature, but pertains to your music. When you are listening to music in one room, and get up to go to another, the music will follow you to other rooms, via other LightFreq bulbs. Now you can finally listen to your music from one device, in any room in the house, without the need to carry any type of speakers around with you.

The LightFreq could make creating atmospheric rooms, such as game rooms, much easier and cheaper to construct. For commercial use, stores and restaurants could use such a technology to ditch the old way of providing the right atmosphere for their business, in lieu of an easily configurable and highly technological decor. Could the LightFreq be a small glimpse into the future of standard home lighting? It's possible, but for now, it remains a luxury that will make guests gaze in awe.

LIGHT FREQ FINAL3 from Lightfreq on Vimeo.

TIP* : Buy In pairs of two for every room. As their website states; "Using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi you can play HD audio through the whole house, our goal, is on up to 50 LightFreqs. Utilizing Bluetooth only, you can play up to two LightFreqs at a time with the A2DP Bluetooth protocol, so you'll be transmitting in stereo".

>> Back LightFreq on Kickstarter

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