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A Not So Normal Restaurant : Unique Signs

Signs is recognized as the first Restaurant in Canada to be equipped with ALL deaf Waiters and Staff. If you are looking for a way to have a unique dining experience in Toronto, you can visit this restaurant with a hassle free mind. Once you go there, you will not be able to place an order in the usual manner. Instead, you will need to use sign language and communicate with waiters to place the order. If you don’t know what sign language is, you don’t need to worry because the menu has picture tutorials to make your life easy.

Image Source: CBC

All the people who visit Signs are guaranteed to receive a unique dining experience. Dining space is available for 150 people and there is a separate bar equipped with deaf servers. Anjan Manikumar is the owner of this New Startup Restaurant, who has the intention of providing an unforgettable dining experience to the visitors while helping deaf people to find rewarding job opportunities. This restaurant has helped dozens of deaf people in the area to work in a convenient environment and make money for their living. In the long run, it will benefit towards physically/socially disabled in the hospitality industry.

From the moment you enter Signs, you will be encouraged to use sign language for all the communication activities. You can easily learn sign language with the assistance of cheat sheets that can be found on each table. All the food items in the menu are associated with a unique sign. You can simply use that sign to order and the waiters will recognize it within seconds. The delicious cuisine served by Signs has also contributed a lot towards its popularity. When it is combined with the unique atmosphere, you can have an unforgettable dining experience.

Image Source: entrepreneur

The vision of this restaurant has three main ideas. They are:
- To become the number one restaurant in Canada.
- To create career opportunities for deaf and enhance the attention towards deaf in the hospitality industry.
- To promote the use of American Sign Language.

Video Source: The National/youtube
The atmosphere in Signs has been specifically designed for the convenience of deaf people working there. They will be able to stay away from all the barriers that they have to face in their day to day life by working in this restaurant. Moreover, the visitors will get to know about sign language, which can assist them to communicate with deaf people outside the restaurant.

According to Anjan Manikumar, around 5 percent of the people who are over 15 years of age have some form of hearing loss. Signs was created to help all those people to find convenient job opportunities. Signs is open for all the people from 29th of July and everyone around Toronto are encouraged to pay a visit and grab this unique experience.

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