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Top 15 Must Watch Cult Movies Of All Time


These are some of the film with a huge cult following, and I suggest Everyone ought to watch them, at least once in their lifetime. Here is our list of Top 15 Cult Classic Movies of all time. The list is not in any particular order.

1. The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

This show features Dr Frank-N-Furter, an eccentric transvestite living in a bizarre world of filled with experimentation and his group of equally bizarre servants and friends. It is no surprise that this film with its catchy tunes, great acting, funny dialogues and, of course, the unique audience participation would have spawn a cult following so massive that fans show up to watch the show as drag queens and are able to recite entire scripts. Get the music ‘Time Wrap’ on the speakers and you’ll see fans singing and dancing to it without a pause. In fact, in Tuscon, the monthly midnight showing of the show, which is visited by hundreds, is still available until today.

Image: Tumblr

2. The Big Lebowski (1998)

The sheer absurdity and loneliness of this comedy movie, made even better with superb acting, has spawned a following like you wouldn’t have imagined! The movie’s lasting effect can be seen by the traveling Lebowski Fest which is dedicated to the film itself. There are even Lebowski parties organized at bowling allies and movie screenings at theaters throughout the world after more than a decade from the film’s release.

3. Fight Club (1999)

The world in the movie ‘Fight Club’ is a very dreary place. The white-collar, middle-class narrator in the movie works dutifully and without question day after day. However, this all changed when he met a sleazy chain-smoking woman (Marla) and a very charismatic soap salesman (Tyler). After finding some sort of release through a bar brawl, Tyler and the narrator organized fight clubs for other people to join in and soon it erupted into an underground sensation on its own. This movie has actually caused its fans to go and start fight clubs of their own in order to beat each other senseless. If this is not a cult, then I’m not sure what is.

4. Repo Man (1984)

Repo Man is about the coming of age of a punk called Otto who is tired of his mundane life. He met Bud a repo man (who repossesses cars) and Bud took him under his wing to teach Otto the repo code. They were then pulled into the hunt for a very valuable Chevy Malibu that every possible person (federal agents, rival repo company, alien cultists) was also competing to find. In the end of an exhilarating chase, they found a radioactive alien in the trunk. A brilliantly executed movie that managed to combine punk rock, aliens and cool cars certainly deserves its cult following!

5. Night of the Living Dead (1968)

The story starts off with Barbara and her brother being attacked by a horde of flesh-hungry zombies at the cemetery. After a close escape, they seek refuge at a house where they met Ben. Together with several other survivors, they work to face the inevitable swarm of zombies heading their way. Despite being low budget, the film’s realistic hideousness and depressing ending manages to disturb its audience to their core until today. It is no surprise that this movie has a cult to call its own!

Image: Tumblr

6. Blade Runner (1982)

In Blade Runner, the audience follows the story of a replicant (genetically-engineered human cyborgs)-hunting detective, Rick Deckard. Deckard is charged with capturing several replicants that had escaped from an off-world colony. As the story developed, it is obvious that this movie does not earn its cult following due to the plot, but by the soul-searching questions and ideas that presented. The way it examines the impact of technology on society, on existence and on the very nature of humanity will definitely make anyone pause for a moment to think. Furthermore, some may even claim that this science-fiction movie paved way for modern science-fiction movies!

7. Office Space (1999)

This true-to-life, comedic movie depicts the very average office worker, Peter Gibbons, after enduring years of torment under his supervisor was instantaneously transformed after he was woke up from under a trance. His resulting devil-may-care attitude did not, to his fellow colleagues’ amazement, get him fired, but in fact had made him a potential replacement for his current supervisor’s position. The funniest part in the movie is perhaps the poor Milton who was bullied for years by supervisor and colleagues alike finally snapped and decided to get what he thinks he deserves. For people around the world who hate their jobs, this hilarious comedy has become so close to their hearts that they created a cult wave that swept throughout the world.

8. Snatch (2000)

Being a smart and witty movie with a hint of dark humor that contains violent characters all fighting to track down a priceless stolen diamond, Snatch can definitely be stamped as ‘cult’ material. Adding on the brilliant performance of the actors, Snatch, despite being basically a movie centered on an elaborative diamond-heist, manages to be so much more. It definitely deserves its position among other cult movies.

9. The Room (2003)

The Room is about a rich banker with a golden heart, who was then betrayed by everyone he knows. Despite being initially labeled as a black drama, the absurdity of the movie practically turned it into a black comedy instead. The cult following that it has garnered often shows up dressed as the characters and throw plastic spoons at the screen. Sometimes, they even throw footballs at each other in tuxedos. The craziness it created certainly earned its place in this top 15 list.

10. No Country for Old Man (2007)

This is a movie that is generally a game of cat and mouse. Llewelyn Moss after taking a case of money containing 2 million dollars was hunted by a hit-man Anton Chigurh while the bigger fish here, the sheriff, Sheriff Bell was on the trail of both men. Along with its rather unpredictable ending, the way the movie is delivered leaves its audience feel unsettled and haunted. That is one of the elements that have generated a cult following for this movie.

11. Clerks (1994)

Despite being a low-budget film, Clerks is a gritty, dirty and definitely hilarious movie. It has in fact launched the career of its writer/director, Kevin Smith and was grouped as a part of Smith’s fictional universe, View Askewniverse. This is a film that was made about several guys just hanging out and chatting. It is practically a movie about nothing, but the impact that it has had on its audience persisted until today. It’s no surprise that it has a following of its own.

Image: Tumblr

12. Mamma Mia! (2008)

Mamma Mia! is absolutely a fun movie to watch. The crazily funny way the plot was presented coupled with excellent performance by Meryl Streep and one ABBA song after another made this movie into perfect ‘cult’ material. The movie pulls the audience in so much that people were clapping, laughing and dancing in their seats along with the characters. Some people took it even further by actually dancing on the aisle in the theater and the fact that you get to see “Mr James Bond” singing and dancing in the movie does give it extra bonus points.

13. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

Hailed as a master in low-budget horror and one of the best horror movies of all time, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is not exactly gory in terms of today’s horror standards and yet it still has the loyalty of its followers even after 29 years since its release. The power lies in the sort of fear and dread that the movie evokes in gradual waves in its audience… the oldest and strongest kind – the fear of the unknown. In fact, since the movie’s release, Leatherface, the main antagonist, has become an icon in the horror genre and has paved way for the use of conventional tools as murder weapons. This movie has also spawned several remakes and video-games.

Image: Tumblr

14. Withnail and I (1987)

Named by most as one of the best films about friendship, the movie Withnail and I follows the humorous adventures of Withnail and his flatmate Marwood in their little escapade to Withnail’s uncle’s cottage in the country. Despite being initially regarded as a flop, the movie’s gradual shot to cultism can be attributed to its memorable, witty and quotable dialogues, English humour and of course, the brilliant acting. With the type of following that this movie has, Withnail and I will definitely remain as one of the top classic cult movies for quite some time.

15. Kill Bill (2003)

Kill Bill is a movie that revolves around a woman who is thirsting for revenge on her former assassin squad (Viper Squad) and boss, Bill. Some may say that Kill Bill is a tad bit too violent or that it is not realistic, but this movie is made exactly the way it is – violent in a cheesy sort of way and very unrealistic. Having these elements in addition to Kung-Fu and a story that is practically oozing in revenge, Kill Bill clearly earns the following that it has.

Well, besides these 15 cult movies that we mentioned, there are two others which can't be missed either. Pulp Fiction and 12 Monkeys!!

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