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15 Growth Hacking tips for Technology Startups


For most of the technology startups the best way to communicate with the customers and
other interested parties is the corporate web site. Here are 15 Growth Hacking tips for Technology Startups to attract new customers.

1. Make it Simple and Small
On the Websites Home page make sure to illustrate the company’s purpose and if you have a product make sure to show the people what it will be used and why they should purchase it. When you do that don’t use complex word make it simple and easy, so anybody can understand it.

2. Try to answer most of the questions
Write a detailed FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions) page covering common customers questions and when you are answering them try not to create another question within your answer. For further clarify include a way to communicate your.

3. Make it Credible
Provide details about the people who run the business behind the curtain. Link to their LinkedIn profile pages and Twitter accounts as that will make your company look more credible in the eyes of people who don’t know you.

4. State your Intention upfront
There are no such things that gives you totally free product or services. If you haven’t provide paid product or services and planning to do so, inform the potential customers like “we will introduce PRO accounts in the coming weeks” than saying “we haven’t yet thought of a business model.”

5. Don't be greedy upfront
Try not to add paid per view or paid per click advertisements in your corporate site upfront when it started. It is ok to use these extra income method's when you build up your customer base.

6. If your product moves fast
If you think you made awesome product that make lot of traction it’s better to open the gates with batches. you can either create an email-based waiting list or distribute invite codes through other blogs (like 10000 invites for TechCrunch readers).

7. Use Pictures
A single picture can say thousand or more words. It is good to showcase photographs of your office space, the founding team some of your employees who give their heart and soul for your business. Customers are always keen on who they are dealing with not like some digital existence in the world wide web.

8. Maintaining a Blog
You should keep frequently updated blog that cover updates about your product and your business. Each blog post need to have a real author not like authors like “admin” or “staff” and keep a small bio of the author so the readers can understand who wrote it.

9. The first impression matters
Your website need to look good and load fast. Don’t use common templates it will give a negative impression to the potential customer. Try to have a unique simple design. And try not to use stock photos when dealing with people.

10. Contact Information
If you are a online or offline business you need to have contact information. Always mention your email , phone and even your postal address. Registering with Google place will give you more visibility too.

11. Competition
Customers are well aware of your product competitors and they will try to compare your product with others. Try to have a comparison page so customers can easily do that, and highlight how you are different than others.

12. If an influential tweeter or well-known
Blogger has said something good about your own product, pull that quote into a separate testimonials page and display it where anyone can see easily. – that will help convince new people into trying your product. Also, submit your startup to social news sites like Reddit.

13. People have limited time
And they’re very likely to abandon if they have to register to buy or try your product. Instead, use a easy system like Facebook Connect or Twitter Connect and people would happily register.

14. You do need a knowledge-base like self-help?
System where users can find answers to common problems as well as a forum where they can ask questions.

15. Unless your product is enterprise-focused,
It is OK to add a bit of humor – use the 404 pages of your site as your creative playground and people won’t mind it at all.

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