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10 Innovative Startups To Watch In 2014

Just Like us, Entrepreneurs go through cash crunches and sleepless night to build a product which is not only innovative and appealing, but also in some way can change peoples lives. Here is our list of Startups to Watch in 2014. The List is not in any particular order.

# Clinkle
Start a revolution. Imagine: the wallet you know, redefined. Pay the people and stores around you with one beautiful app for Android and iPhone.
Visit: clinkle Website

# Dash - make your car Smarter
Dash, a Techstars-funded connected car platform which turns any car into a Smart car. Dash connects your smartphone to your car (all models 1996 and after) with a simple, low-cost device which you can install yourself – simply reach under your steering wheel and plug it in! No mess, no mechanic, no problem.
Visit: Dash Website

# [Inside]
Stay informed on the most important and fascinating events in the world. Inside curates the best journalism in real time. It is the only news service you will need to stay informed and in the know. Founded by Entrepreneur Jason Calacanis.
Visit: Inside Website

# YPlan - Tonight's going out app
Browse through a curated shortlist of the best events in town every night and book in just two taps. No need to print anything, we're 100% mobile. Brought to you by a team of entertainment experts, we're on a mission to make your nights out more spontaneous because, let's be honest, the best ones always are.
Visit: YPlan Website

# ambro - Food simplified
Ambro is a drinkable organic meal that fulfills daily nutrition recommendations in 2 minutes. We believe that nutrition plays a major role in our health and well-being. We are what we eat.
Visit: Ambro Website

# topi
Claims that they are the only solution that connects everyone at your event.
Visit: Topi Website

# Pixel Press
The Pixel Press platform offers engaging, interactive storytelling tools that enables users of all ages to turn drawings into video games.
Visit: Pixel Press Website

# RelateIQ
RelateIQ automates, simplifies, and deepens the way you engage with professional relationships. Whether you are managing a sales pipeline or tracking deals to closure, RelateIQ provides tools and insights to increase your effectiveness.
Visit: RelateIQ Website

# jolicloud
Jolidrive unifies all your content from multiple services in one simple and beautiful interface accessible from anywhere.
Visit: jolicloud Website

# Aereo
With Aereo, you can watch real, live TV through a tiny remote antenna you control over the Internet — from home or anywhere in your home coverage area.
Visit: Aereo Website

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