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13 Most Captivating Street Art of World

A compilation of 13 Most Captivating Street Art from around the Globe. These vibrant images are handpicked from quite active street art and graffiti scene around the world. Street art is an umbrella term defining forms of visual art created in public locations, usually unsanctioned artwork executed outside of the context of traditional art venues. The term gained popularity during the graffiti art boom of the early 1980s and continues to be applied to subsequent incarnations.

1) Agostino, Civitavecchia + Rome (Italy)

Via: unurth

2) Captivating Street Art, in London

Via: bestlondonguide

3) Street Art, Mexico

Via: nasriatallah

4) Street Art by Escif , Poland

Via: streetartutopia

5) Ludo, 'Thrasherepidoptera', Paris

Via: unurth

6) Street art , Atlanta

Via: wikimedia

7) Women - Street art , Paris

Via: pariszigzag

8) Street Art at Hosier Lane , Melbourne

Image : Steven Wright

9) Natalia Rak New Mural - Białystok, Poland

Via: streetartnews

10) Roa - Salton Sea, California

Via: unurth

11) Street Art by Borondo , Spain

Via: streetartutopia

12) Harsh Raman Street Art , New Delhi

Via: graffitiinindia

13) French graffiti artist Blek , New York

Via: vanishingnewyork

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